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Freitag 26.06.2009

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- Update des Rooster Master auf 4.1.3 (Gildenrooster fĂĽr VN auf Innovation)

Folgendes wurde aktualisiert :

Changes in 4.1.2 (31-May-2008)

- NEW: Avatar size can now be enforced in the configuration. Leave it to "0"
to have them displayed in their original size.
- NEW: Added PHP-Fusion CMS user authentication.
- FIXED: One file was still using a short tag opener, causing issues
with some PHP configurations.
- IMPROVED: Pointer will change while hovering over a clickable group header
(update any custom CSS - rm_groupheader class was modified)
- IMPROVED: Password must be entered twice when changing it
from the default one.

Changes in 4.1.3 (21-May-2009)

- NEW: Export menu link, allows you to download the roster as a CSV file.
- FIXED: PHP warning when displaying a roster without being logged in
with e107 or PHP-Fusion.
- FIXED: logfile.html wasn't displayed in UTF-8, causing issues with log entries
containing UTF-8 characters. Only affected people logging to a file.
Replace your existing logfile.html with the new one to fix it.
- FIXED: Warning when entering the configuration module and there was
no existing config.php file.
- FIXED: Warning when trying to set max execution time on a server where
this feature has been disabled in the PHP configuration.
- IMPROVED: Minor changes to the French translation.
- IMPROVED: New "Test Database connection" option in the Configuration module.
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